• My Prayer

    Dear Mother Father God,
                       Each day
                            May I love you more
                            May I wonder at your creation
                            May I harness your power to heal
                            May I open my heart to their suffering
                            May I heal while I help others
                            May I have the courage needed
                            May I hear pain behind words
                            And sadness behind anger
                            May I allow myself to care
                            When others donʼt appear to
                            May I find a way
                            When one is not apparent
                            May I know You
                            Through knowing others
                            May I still believe in hope
                            When all hope is gone
                      May I clear my thoughts
                            And find protection there
                            Others may want to hurt me
                            I must learn to put that aside.
                            Sometimes others are jealous
                            Perhaps my life appears perfect
                            That which I so long for
                            Is not to them apparent
                      Help me to be strong
                            When I am helpless to stop their pain
                            Help me to hold hands and cry
                            That another might never feel alone.
                            Help me to never give up
                            But help me to let go
                            Anotherʼs journey is not mine
                            I must simply sit in Love.
                      Thereʼs hunger for Your Message
                            Thereʼs despair and depression
                            Help to raise the veil
                            On anotherʼs sense of hopelessness.
                            When there is nothing more
                            Allow death to become a friend
                            One to love, not fear
                            Until a new life has begun.
                      The fullness of the ocean
                            Upon my soul, Iʼm blessed
                            May no one remove the joy
                            The ocean gives to me.
                            You are constant like the ocean
                            Your Love in me resides
                            May I be your Soul in Service
                            May I be who Iʼm meant to be.
    In Love, Moriah                                                       11/28/14
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